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Beefing Up Apologia Biology

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First off, even though Apologia is not my favourite, said I would never use it, etc. we are using it for a variety of reasons. But I do have a very bright daughter who is working on the course and finding it a little too breezy.


I am looking for any ideas on how to beef up the course: adding things into modules, subbing out modules with something more comprehensive etc.


Any ideas??? :)

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My DD is doing Apologia Biology with our co-op but she wanted something more in depth. We tried adding Red Wagon Tutorials (cd-rom), and I

think it is pretty good. There are lectures for each chapter, reviews, tests, etc, using the same book.


She still wanted more, so now she reads the Campbell Reece Biology 6th edition. We've had to rearrange the chapters to match up with

Apologia. We also purchased the online resources, only $30. It is used the AP and is much more indepth.


Hope that helps!



DD grade 9: APUSH, PA homeschoolers; Geometry, Spanish, Biology, Logic, American Lit, LAoW, Cross country and track

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