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We did it - we had our first awesome, RELAXED, day of hsing, ever!!


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So, I have been paying close attention to you seasoned hsers lately, and the threads on more relaxed schooling. I have been making some big changes with curriculum, etc.

Here was our day:

Drop off ds at preschool.


Get home and start with MM for both kids (different levels). Oldest one loves to do school with her dolls, no problem - I let her. Youngest one loves doing work on a dry erase board, no problem, I convert some problems to a board. All is well, they got in about 35 quality minutes of math. When I saw them just starting to tire - we switched.


I read Stuart Little out loud to them. This is our current read aloud. They were snuggled in blankets on the floor petting our new puppy.


I set a timer (after my younger dd and I compromised on 7 minutes) for OG phonics work, while my older one worked on writing her book (she just started this creative writing thing- yay).


Then, OMG! Listen closely...my younger dd, said, "I want to read out loud to you two." I did everything I could to contain myself. She did it too! She read two books, on grade level, and did awesome. I was so proud of her. While she read, older dd worked on illustrating her book.


Then our science, Human Body Detectives...they love this. We studied about the large intestine. Since I am a physical therapist, I added in as much gorry details about colostomy bags, etc.


Awesome day, awesome, Thanks everyone.


Oh, then grandma came over because I have her now teaching the girls how to sew - she loves this, and it frees my up some time. Then dance tonight.

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Awesome! We started a more relaxed approach in November after mulling over the 3 Rs and less-is-more threads. Then I read more about Charlotte Mason methodology, focused on great books, and chucked what had become for us, derivative education. I had to let a lot of stuff go, including SOTW and a formal science curriculum. Let me tell you: not only have our days been more peaceful and joyful, but my kids have also learned as much or more this way. Plus they've retained more. Good luck to you.

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Just curious, what did a day typically look like before this first relaxed day?



Hmmm.... a typical day was me trying to "get in" a lot of "school". We have been doing MM for awhile now, but recently added in Charlotte Mason Business math (pet store math). After math, would be writing, spelling, grammar, phonics for the younger, reading, squeezing in science, not getting to history enough, etc. See the pattern. I felt like I was trying to do it all, but not getting the quality out of school, but just getting quantity.


We are also adding in Home Art Studio whenever it gets here. I am really excited. I love the Bravewriter philosophy (I have been reading The Writer's Jungle).


The biggest change is probably the emphasis on read alouds.

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As another PT the colostomy discussed made me chuckle!!



My kids just loved this aspect of conversation. They eyes were huge to know that people could have "poop bags". We even got into a discussion on colonoscopies, etc. Then they later in the day, asked their grandpa how is last colonoscopy went!! (I had told them that people get them regularly once they get older). LOL!!

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Sound like it was a great day.

Did you find your children were more attentive and played a more active role then just going through the motions like zombies? This was one of the biggest things I noticed, that and the amount we covered in a small amount of the day.


Love, love, love the idea of grandma teaching sewing. How special.

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