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Is there a science book that follows CC cycles?


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There are a few options out that I have considered. One is to line up the Christian Kids Explore series with CC like this:


Cycle 1: CKE Biology (except parts on ecology and anatomy), CKE Earth & Space (minus unit 6 on astronomy)

Cycle 2: CKE Biology (ecology lessons), CKE Earth & Space (astronomy unit), CKE Physics

Cycle 3: CKE Biology (anatomy lessons), CKE Chemistry


CKE has a fabulous booklist in the back and student pages you can download from BrightIdeasPress for pretty cheap. It is easy to distinguish which parts of those books go with which weeks in CC.


Another would be to use Apologia Science, but all the Zoology won't fit so I changed how I'm planning to do it and leaving Zoology 1 and 2 for 7th grade since they aren't doing Physical Science until 9th grade. That means they can do General Science in 8th grade.


Cycle 1: Botany and Geo/Earth Science (this book comes out next year I think)

Cycle 2: Zoology 3 (has ecology in it), Astronomy

Cycle 3: Anatomy, Phyics/Chemistry (coming out this year)


Another very cheap option is the downloads from Homschoolcurriculumco.org (google it, I think the link is not exact). They are like $5 and are very colorful and tied to the Bible but there is not a lot of content to them. Personally I'm planning to use Apologia in 4th-6th (2 books per year in the summer) and probably use CKE in 1st-3rd summers. During the year all we do is read the back of the Acts and Facts cards and then they make a notebook page by copying the front of the card, the question and answer on the back (which is the memory work), and illustrate it. I may have them write down or dictate to me 2-3 important facts from the cards or define the terms. Then I use living books on the topic during free reading time once a week. Plus we watch videos, etc. I'm also considering Nancy Larson Science because it looks so cool (again, this would be in summer) but it is really expensive and doesn't line up with CC. All my kids would be on different levels vs. having my 1-3 together and 4-6 together at least (with the older set being mostly independent).


If you find a better option I'd like to know.......

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