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LangArts/Grammar/Something to finish out 8gr year?

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Anyone feel like advising me?


I've got a 14yo dd, 8th grade. She's just finished Analytical Grammar, and I'm looking for something to add to her work load that will be beneficial to her. A little background:


She's an excellent writer, etc. Really, language is her strong suit.


She's finishing Spelling Workout, doing Vocab from Classical Roots. TOG Lit Year 1, which really isn't that much work, and a writing co-op that also isn't that much work.


Her other coursework includes LFC Level C (she struggles with this); Art of Argument; TOG Year 1, and MUS PreAlgebra.


She's just always DONE so quickly with everything - she wants to get her schoolwork out of the way so she can write and draw. I'm thinking maybe Editor-in-Chief 2-3 times a week? Anyone got more good ideas?

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Not what you are looking for, but why not just add some reading? Check out some of the bazillion reading lists, find out what you already have lying around that she hasn't read or what your local library has (that she wouldn't pick up on her own), and have her pick out one to start with. When she's done, have her talk through one of SWB's Lit Analysis questions. Then, have her pick another one. Maybe on the next one, she might want to try writing the Lit Analysis question up in a paper. Rinse, wash, repeat. Depending on how quickly she reads, you could do one per month or 3-4 for the rest of the semester.

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I have been having my 14yo write two free choice pieces of writing a week using 5 of her vocab words. She has a different set of words each week, so the first piece of writing uses 5 words, and the second has to use a different five. This has been going really well and she is enjoying the writing. It also means that the vocab words are getting practiced in context which is also a good thing.

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