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ISO best online learning for my son 6.5 years old.


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My kids love Starfall, though we haven't used it in a while. Maybe a bit young for your ds, but you could look and see. The basic site is free, though they have more paid services now.


We also pay for Reading Eggs, which is on sale now at HSBC. Our subscription expired recently and I debated it for a bit before finally caving and renewing it. I feel like you have to use it a lot to get your $'s worth.


Some folks also enjoy The Happy Scientist,which isn't online curriculum as such, but provides helpful videos and experiments to go along with your science. No sale at the moment - I'm waiting because ours expires soon. ;-)


Of course, if you're going to do something like that, there's always BrainPop, (also on sale at HSBC until the 21st, I believe) which lots of people here have and love, offering videos to supplement almost any subject...


ETA: There are also things like Explode the Code online, online math programs, etc., but the truth is, I have suggested mainly supplements because at that age they should be mostly interacting and doing things either on paper or orally. SWB backs me up - I just listened to her Joy of Classical Education and she suggests that up until Grade 4 (?) they should be mostly off the computer for school work. (somebody correct me if I'm wrong!)

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My 8 year old loves Brain Pop Jr. (good videos and fun games on all subjects), Spelling City (to practice her spelling words), and tolerates, but does not love Xtramath.org to drill math facts. Otherwise, we're old school, using only books/pencil & paper learning activities at that age.

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