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Anyone attend Classical Conversations with a radically accelerated child?


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Can you tell me your experiences with this? Dh isn't happy with the "socialization" ( :glare: ) opportunities I've provided so far and wants the kids in something like this. I haven't found any classes, etc. yet that fit their academic needs without being too demanding physically or socially. How much time does the essentials and/or challenge side of CC take outside of class days? Would we really be able to use this as something "fun" and "extra" without taking away from what we're already doing at home? What if I placed them by age (foundations & essentials), knowing they'd be bored, but perhaps would be more "socialized" once a week? The local director talked non-stop to me on the phone today for over an hour about what their day is like. She waited until the end to be condescending about my kids' ages vs. abilities, or else I would've hung up from the start. I don't post their ages or grade levels online, but I knew she needed that information to enroll them. She's under the impression that classical stages are set in stone, no matter how gifted a child is. She's never been to the WTM forums, obviously! LOL!

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