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HOD users ... just started our new year with BHFHG and LHFHG

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My DD is 5 yr old and finished our "K" curriculum in November and we are starting our new year now ... we started with LHFHG yesterday and I'm very pleased with the layout and love how it tells what to do, etc. It is perfect for us. The left side of the page is perfect for my 5 yr old ... absolutely perfect. The right side is way way too easy. She begs to do more work. I pulled out Beyond and started using the right side of Beyond mixed with the left side of Little Hearts for her. She does the spelling list 1, the emerging reading, the Singapore Math 1 ... and it all seems sort of easy for her. I know that would not have been the case with my son had he used the same thing at that age. He just turned 8 and is using Bigger and it is perfect for him. He is doing emergent reader, spelling list 1, R&S 2 ... everything. We are doing the whole thing as written. I'm wondering if I really should have just combined them. Has anyone been in this same spot? Has anyone every used both Beyond and Little with the same child ... and Bigger with another child? Should I have just combined both in Beyond? I'm just getting over being really sick for the last 2 weeks and thought I had everything figured out ... and now I'm confused. I love HOD and I really love Bigger for DS. If I didn't have such a quick little 5 yr old I wouldn't be questioning any of this! Guess this is a good thing to have to worry about ... just don't want to sell anyone short. As of right now I'm able to get both done in 3 hours or so because when I'm directly teaching one, the other is finishing up some work (like math, etc).

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