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Figured out next year...I think

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So now that we are beginning term 2 and conference season is just around the corner I have been planning out what we are going to do next year. Looks like another change of direction, but the kids are all excited. This year my teens have been doing a heavy program of combining SL core D with core 100 and WP AS1 along side Canadian history and then everything else we do. My younger 2 have been using a waldorf curriculum. So completely different paths. Hard work to teach 2 very different syles but not impossible and the kids like it.


That said next year things are getting scrambled again. I started with The teens. I had plans to go with TOG year 3 with them. But ds14 came and asked (close to begged) to study any other kind of history than us and canadian for a year, he says they have been studying those *forever* and needed something else. So I ask him like what he says "I don't know, like boats or something, just not more of what we are dfoing". A few years back I wanted to use WP Sea & Sky but didn't, so next year we will use it and I will add to it to make it more geared for older kids. It is our last chance to do a program like that before high school(high school here starts in 10th grade). He literally threw himself into my lap for a hug when I showed it to him. He is a big boy, I was nearly killed lol


Initially plans for was ds9 to use OM gr 2 next year since he is doing waldorf this year. But then I got to thinking about how great it would be to combine ds9 with them in S&S after all it is geared for closer to his age group. So I show it to ds9, he gets into a big pout. "But mooooooooom, I want to learn about egypt and old people, and make mummies and pyramids like the big kids did before". So I gave him his options for next year, I had previously bought and not used SL core B (year 1 world history) which would cover ancients, just SOTW 1, OM 2 or waldorf essentials 4(we are using WE 3 this year). He says SL as long as he can still learn recorder, sewing and painting. Deal.


THEN I got to thinking about dd5, she will be doing a hybrid of K/1 next year, I had planned on OM1 for her, with her super sam stories from he WE K program that we are doing this year. But SL Core B is a grade 1 program so then I thought how great it would be to combine dd5 and ds9 in that. So I am talking this out and telling ds9 that dd5 will do school with him next year. And dd5 pipes ups "I don't care about egpyt, I want animals and only animals. oh but also super sam, but mostly animals". Okay back to the drawing board. Now that this point I have 3 windows open, SL, WP and OM. Flipping through them WP animals in their worlds. Bingo. DD says yes, that, and super sam. So she will be doing WP ATW, along with her super sam stories.


Now because there each program I could have combined kids in I suspect there will be a lot of listening to each other's stuff and wanting to do some activities.


So to recap here is the plan for next year


Teens :WP S&S

ds9: SL B with painting, sewing and recorder

dd5 WP ATW and super sam stories.


And for myself a cellar full of wine to recover at the end of each day lol


Actually as much work and read alouds each has I am pleased that they are so excited for it. Most years they are counting down to the end of the year and asking me to let them unschool instead. So the fact they all chose something they love and that makes me feel good with the level of work makes me happy.


Of course online classes and other bits and bobs need to be sorted out (looks like the teens will do online classes in grammar, high school writing and Latin A next year at a minimum; ds9 will just have his parent/child lit class)

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