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still no insulation installed under our house, we are so cold now

Jeannie in NJ

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pretty much every house and business in our town was flooded from Sandy, if not actually in the house then the complete crawl spaces under the houses were flooded as the crawlspaces range from about 18" to 24" off the ground for the entire footprint of the house. Within the first 2 weeks (so by mid Nov) we had all the insulation removed (per insurance company's order) to control future mold issues and then the entire under the house was treated with mold inhibitor. the problem is that we are waiting for the city to inspect prior to installing new insulation. THe city (for free) is inspecting every property in town to make sure the mold has been taken care of. Of course, we are very grateful for that and realize it takes TIME but we are still so cold. Our contractor blocked up all screens, vents, etc , anything that is letting cold air come in under the house but the cold air is still coming in and the first floor hardwood floors are starting to seperate and they are COLD. I am wearing uggs to keep my feet from freezing and when I pick up any of my cats, their little feet are like ice. We are blasting the heat (you don't even want to know what our heating bill was) and still cold. Without the insulation, we have pretty much no barrier in our house from the cold winds. We don't have any area rugs and can't really spend the money as we need to get our house and garage repaired. Good news is that we have started receiving insurance checks which we had to send to our mortgage company and they will send us the money in installments to pay for repairs, for example all downstairs floors have to be replaced as well as damage under the house. Of course who knows when we can get on a schedule to have things fixed. For example we just were able to get the electrician out to fix electric wires under the house (he said some were hot and on the ground under the house for the last 2 months since Sandy). All the tradepeople are totally swamped with work as they have never had to deal with anything like this and of course almost everyone wants to use the local guys that they trust. Our contractor is a local guy that has been in this area forever so lots of homeowners are using him instead of the fly by night contractors that showed up after the storm that no one knows from Adam. Our next door neighbor had some shady looking guys show up at NIGHT to work on her crawl space.


Okay, vent over. Off to make hot chocolate.

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