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A Young People's Story of Our Heritage


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We used several of these on our first pass through history when my daughter was in 7th and 8th grade.


Have you heard of A Child's History of the World (CHOW) by Hillyer? This series is by the same author. The books are in a larger format and it is multi-volume but as I recall fairly similar to CHOW. My library happened to have these books; since I was on a budget we used them (along with a boatload of other books) and found them fine for our purposes.


I'd suggest seeing if your library has them. If not, perhaps you could request them through inter-library loan.




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Isn't there anyone familliar with these books? :confused:


I sold my set a few years ago, but as I recall the books removed the questionable parts of CHOW (calling Orientals "the yellow man", etc.) and added some neat black and white photographs.


I think the text was pretty much the same though. I don't know that you would use it after using CHOW, there's just not enough new information there. I didn't like the tone of CHOW so used them in lieu of CHOW.

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