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Gillian Welch, but less depressing?


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Love her!

Can't think of many like her... But you might try Lucinda Williams, emmylou Harris, patty griffin, I heard a group of British folky guys the other day- somebody & sons... Also try the decemberists, old Willy Nelson (red headed stranger is a great album, though not all cheerful music). Lyle Lovett- particularly the album Joshua judges Ruth. Old cowboy junkies. More modern but maybe too soulful: Over the Rhine. Bat for Lashes is also fun but weird folky strange stuff.


Have you tried acoustic folk or bluegrass? Edgar Meyer plays a lot of amazing stuff in many genres.


NPR has a series called Tiny Desk Concerts and I've found a few good artists by watching those on their site. Sometimes I find stuff by looking at other people's playlists or collections on iTunes. I surf from artist to artist looking for names I've never seen who have several playlists in common with musicians I like.


It's amazing how music can color your mood, isn't it? For me, the depressing ones can be like a release valve.

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I've never heard of her before but just listened to some stuff on you tube. She sounds a similar to the English/scottish folk scene so you might enjoy some of that. Not all of it is upbeat but these are my suggestions.


Bellowhead-Generally very upbeat and loud.

Kate Rusby-Her stuff is mixed, some is upbeat some is more depressing but her older albums ar more cheerful in my opinion they went through a phase of being a bit down a few years ago. I have seen her play live and she is a very joyful performer.

Seth Lakeman-Very talented musician (he was in the year above me at school saw him and his brothers music develop from early on). Sings English fold inspired by traditional local stories. Most of his stuff is quite high energy.

Katharine Polwart


There are just so many most them go through more serious phases but I generally come away from these groups quite energised.

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