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My daughter is writing!! ~Chapter One added~


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My daughter has been talking about writing (typing) a fan fiction about Tokyo Mew Mew. I said well why not put your ideas down on the computer. She contemplated it a while and finally did it! She has written three small chapters for it. I thought I'd share her first paragraph of the first chapter that she has been working on. My daughter is 11, possibly has dysgraphia, and she just started really getting in to reading this year.




Chapter one: What's Wrong with Ichigo?



Ichigo walked in to the cafe, but something was different, instead of getting to work she sat at the table. "Ichigo, it's time to get to work," Lettuce said. "Work?" Ichigo looks around, "I don't work here." She said. "Don't you remember?" Lettuce asked. "No," she answered.



I'm wondering what others think of her first time actually writing on her own. I'm a bit biased, but super excited she is doing something on her own.


I'm trying to get her to work on the detail of the characters and the places things are taking place a bit more.




Tokyo Mew Mew is a manga/anime about girls working in a cafe and save the world.

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It is an intriguing beginning! I had never before heard of Tokyo Mew Mew, but hope you will post more of your daughter's version as I am wondering what happens next and why Ichigo doesn't work there / or doesn't remember that she does.


I am happy for both of you!


I personally suggest you mainly let her "own it" without trying to get her to do this or that as to characters or places--unless she is specifically asking you for advice and criticism. Even then IMO going light on that is best. NaNoWriMo has some good materials if she wanted something to use as a guide (or might help you as to approach with giving your thoughts and so on too).

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Here is the first chapter of my daughter's fanfic.


Chapter one: What's Wrong with Ichigo?



Ichigo walked in to the Café Mew Mew, but something was different, instead of getting to work she sat at the table. “Ichigo, it’s time to get to work,†said Lettuce. “Work?†Ichigo looks around, “I don’t work here.†She said. “Don’t you remember?†Lettuce asked. “No,†she answered.


Ichigo was not like herself today, she usually went to work, except for today. “What’s wrong with Ichigo?†Lettuce whispered to Mint. “I don’t know, Ichigo usually gets strait to work and starts complaining that I’m not working.†Mint answered. â€She has a point†Lettuce said. â€What does that mean?†Mint asked. “Hey what’s wrong with Ichigo onee-chan?†Pudding asked coming through the door with Zakuro. “Pudding, Zakuro. We don’t know what’s wrong with her†Lettuce answered.


Ryou hit her in the back of the head wale waking in with Keiichiro and said. â€Get to work.†“Hey†Ichigo said. â€Good morning everyone.†Keiichiro said. “Good morning†Lettuce said. “Something’s wrong with Ichigo, she’s not attacking like herself.†Mint expands. â€Really.†Ryou asked. â€Yes, can’t you tell? Even Pudding can tell. â€Lettuces said.


After a long day of work, Kisshu flow in.†Where’s Koneko-chan?†Kisshu asked. “You may not want to know, she’s being weird.†Mint said.†What do you mean?†Kisshu asked. â€Why don’t you look for yourself.†Lettuces said. Kisshu looked at Ichigo.†Koneko-chan what’s wrong?†Kisshu asked. â€Who are you?†Ichigo asked. â€Don’t you remember me?†Kisshu asked worried. â€no†Ichigo answered.


After that Pie and Taruto flow in.†what’s wrong Kisshu?†Tart asked. â€Ichigo doesn’t remember me.†Kisshu said upset. “Why?†Tart asked. “We don’t know†Zakuro said. Pie hummed “Maybe there’s something or someone did this.†Pie said. â€but who†Mint asked. But before anyone could think of a answer. â€There’s a Kirema Tree at main street!†Keiichiro Said. â€What! Did you make it Taruto?†Mint asked. “No†Taruto answered. “Then who did†Ryou asked.

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