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Conversation overheard: wicked computer gaming children

Laura Corin

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Hobbes: (staring at Minecraft on screen) What stone do you think we should have for the stairs?

Friend: I really like the look of the sandstone

Hobbes: Or the brick's really nice too

Friend: Or wood, how about the wood? That would look good right there....


FWIW, they had spent the morning using their scouting-acquired knots knowledge to build a den in the woods and were now relaxing after lunch.



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My ds12 and his friend are on separate computers right now playing minecraft with each other on a server they set up. They are yelling across the house to each other. So cute.


Reminds me of a conversation with my mom......I was telling her that dh said that ds12 has great coordination on the keyboard and how easily he could learn autocad. Mom said

, "well I wish he would learn something instead of just playing those stupid games". I said mom he is learning stuff....he does all his school work and is doing fine. Video games, computer games are just what kids do." She was quiet for a few seconds and then said, "we'll I don't have time to learn any video games because I am too busy with Words with Friends and Quizboard."



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That reminds me of my ds, too. We saw a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the art museum once, and now ds is a big fan. He likes to design in a similar style on Minecraft. Recently he made a four-family residence with separate entrances, very Lloyd-esque in it style. I keep meaning to take him over to Taliesin West.

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