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STILL can't name this baby girl!!


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I need a three or four syllable name that ends with a long e sound and has significance (like something Biblical or a virtue name). I would like Hope to be the middle name. Any ideas? I'm the name queen and I'm totally stumped!


I thought we were naming her Lily but dh wants it to have more syllables like our last 3 girls......


Here are a few that have crossed our minds:




Cheerilee (husband loves but I don't)

Merrilee (not in love with this either but better than Cheerilee)



Destiny (husband ruled this out)

Victory (call her Tory)


Thanks in advance....

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I like Bethany and Victory the best. Tory is a cute nickname, I think (but isn't there some vile celebrity by that name?) I wanted to name one of ours Bethany but my dh nixed it because it is the name of a beach near here. For some reason he doesn't like geographical names! LOL.

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Of the names listed, Bethany. Harmony is okay.


I would down-vote Cheerilee and Merrilee. Destiny and Serenity also would be doing a child a disfavor.


I knew a Charity and everyone called her Chastity because it was funny.


I like the suggestions Emily, Stephanie, and Felicity.


Other less common names are Avery, Ellery, Dorothy, Bryony....

Adelie, Annmarie, Rosemarie, Marjorie, Elodie, Natalie, Melanie, Sidonie, Valerie, Ariadne, Penelope...

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We have a Felicity and Jubilee :-) And a Liberty :-)


I like Verity (and Verily) but it doesn't have a good nickname. Some of the names you guys mentioned are really pretty but don't have the obvious meaning that my other girls' names have. Our girls nicknames are Libby, Lissy, and Jubi. Lily also doesn't have the same kind of meaning, but the lily flower is full of symbolism if you read about it. So I guess I'm still working on it.....

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When I first met a little girl named Serenity, I didn't think I liked it (and not just because she wasn't the most peaceful graceful child). But it really grew on me. And within a couple months of meeting her, I met another Serenity! *I* wouldnt want that name because I could never ever ever live up to it. But it is a very nice name and I could see naming a baby that :)


Bethany seems to go through spurts. Seems nice enough.

Melanie is pretty. It reminds me of Melody.

One of my daughter's friend's name is Natalie. I like it :)

My oldest daughter's name is Kimberly.


I don't like Chastity, Charity, Cheerilee, or Merrilee though....


You may also find a combination name may work. Amberleigh, LoraLee, FaithLee, etc.

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Or you could do a name combination with Lee/Leigh as the second name like Anna Leigh Hope Lastname. That way it opens up your options for Biblical names/meanings.


I don't know the meanings, but those are a few that came to mind.


PLEASE do not name the child Charity Hope. They will forever be asked where Faith is. I had a coworker with the name Charity and she has hated it most of her life. I heard her get asked this question at least once a month and that was only in the hours we were together!




For anyone not familiar, it is a Biblical verse

1 Corinthians 13:13


And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.


- King James Bible "Authorized Version", Pure Cambridge Edition

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Love the name Natalie... it was on our short list for a girl, but we had a son... on December 27th!!


It's a bit of a translation, but Lily might work okay as a nickname for Felicity??


Emily is not Biblical, but it's one of my favorite names... in fact, it was our first choice had the aforementioned son been a girl!! (Yes, I had a long list for boy names too, LOL.)


And I love all of the suggestions from Chris!

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On your list, I like Harmony, Victory and Bethany. Love the name Natalie. My sister had a friend named Onesty growing up and I always thought it fit her (Honesty without the H).


When I first saw this, I thought Who would name their kid One Sty?

For me, that's an example of a changed spelling that has no purpose.


As far as Honesty--I can totally hear an exasperated mom saying, "Honestly, Honesty!"


(Now watch---someone here has a daughter named Honesty and I'll be all embarrassed to have dissed it--happens every time I don't like a name...)

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It has to have significance in the name itself.....an obvious meaning. Now I'm thinking about doing Hope Carolina. My oldest is Faith and Hope would be the bookend at the end. My last daughter's name is Jubilee Arizona (a family name of mine and where my husband grew up) so Carolina goes well as a middle name with this one. I grew up in SC and now live in NC. My second child has cancer, so Hope has especially deep meaning for me......So even though her name doesn't match the last three it does match the first one, which may make the first feel more included......

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I like Lily, Hope, and Naomi. I like Lily the best of all the names in the OP, and I wouldn't pick something else just because it doesn't have three or more syllables.


Isn't Cheerilee a My Little Pony name? Perhaps it has personal significance to your family somehow, but I don't really get how it would be any more meaningful than the other names suggested in this thread.

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