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Valentine Swap

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This would be great, but how did it work last year? What about security? It makes me a little nervous to already see three profiles with very low post counts (although I'm sure you are all wonderful people).


Can someone explain the logistics?

Its simple. You give your childs name and address to the coordinater, she then gives you a list of about 20 families and their addresses. You send out Valentines to either each family or the individual children in each family. The Valentines we received last year ranged from simple store bought Valentines to elaborately hand made ones, candy stuffed envelopes, stickers, a mini Mad Libs book and balloons. You send what you feel comfortable sending.


As for security, its an honor system. If you feel a low post count could lead to a problem then I would sit this out just so I would not worry what might be sent or who has my child's address. If you still participate you could always open the Valentine first to check it out.

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I love this idea, but am currently trying to teach my dd10 about online safety and not giving her address to people she doesn't know in person (since she just bought herself an ipod touch - whole other story). Drat! Hope those of you who participate enjoy, and maybe next year we'll be ready to see that sometimes it's ok :)

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We would love to participate if still possible! My three kiddos did a Christmas card swap through a pen pal forum and it was awesome to see the different cards as well as a little something about the area from which each card came from. I have two ds (11 & 6) and a dd (9). Thank you sooooo much for organizing this!


Side note...yes, I am brand new to posting on the forums. :-) I've been trolling around daily for the past year almost, but am finally stepping out of the shadows. ;-)




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YAY!!! Sign us up! We had so much fun doing this last year.

We signed up to do everyone on the list, individual cards sent to each kid of the same family. It was insane, our classroom floor was covered in cards, glitter, and crafty doo-dads.


We used our PO Box address. I could be wrong... but I think some folks used work addresses too?

Also, a tip from last year, odd shaped envelopes and heavy/bulky treats make the postage price go up quickly.

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