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Electronics are a pain! Join my complaining.


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We have way too many electronics, none that I've bought. All either paid for by someone else or hand me down.


Between myself and two kids, we have a flat screen tv (32"), DVD player, blue ray player, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, iPod shuffle, two Nintendo DSs, laptop, and desktop. I'm typing this on the pad.


Not one of these works well consistently. I was going to come here and complain about Internet issues, or just my slow Internet, but then I realized that 5 non-Internet devices have not been working well.


Ds's DS refuses to read games. A search tells me that there should be crooked pins in it, but there's not. It all looks fine. A very careful and gentle alcohol cleaning to everything did not help.


The DVD and blue ray player do not read disks very well. The most scratched looking and smudged disks are fine. But a brand new one doesn't play right away. You have to unplug the player because it freezes, but then it's fine for a while.


My phone seems to be very glitchy. The screen jumps a lot, and often it will not let me type.


The pad is very glitchy. You could be in the middle of doing anything, and it just goes back to the home screen.


I think my laptop is in love with viruses and goes looking for them.


My desktop with all of my music is fried.


Sometimes I want to take an electronic break, but how do I balance that with the wonderful speech apps that ds uses? How will I watch Netflix without a device?!?!


I still think we need a break. Now would be nice because it's cold out so we can find ways to occupy ourselves indoors. When it's warm would be much easier because the kids can just go out and play.


Am I still allowed to use the regular iPod for music during this break?


What are your technology complaints for the day?


All complaints being made while the pad screen keeps jumping around and Netflix is sitting at 1%.



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Ugh, that is definitely annoying! Machines are so great when they work well, so aggravating when they don't. I'd vote for keeping the iPod for music even if you take a break from the other screens!


My complaint of the day is that I still haven't figured out why my router sometimes just quits. Also, it gets poor service in the part of the house where I really need it to work the most, the kitchen, so I can use a mobile device while drinking my morning coffee or for recipes while cooking. But that's to be expected; that's the spot absolutely farthest from where the router is stationed (because that's where the line into the house for the DSL enters). It's very flaky, which is the most annoying part.

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