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For those early Christmas shoppers...or just thrifty moms...

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I was at Target last night and they have lots of toys/games on clearance from 30-50% off. I know each store is different but it's a heads up. I got some really cute craft Klutz books for 50% off which are great gifts.

There was also a bunch of the National Geographic toys like bug houses and microscopes on sale too.

I know last year in August I found tons of toys/games/educational toys on super clearance-up to 75% off- as they tried to clear the shelves for the Christmas stock.

They had lots of other misc things on clearance too from housewares to office supplies to sports. There was more than their normal amt of clearance stuff.

It's hit and miss though so good luck! :)

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In Canada, WINNERS has fabulous summer clearance items. For the past two years, we've purchased all of our stocking toys and little diddies in the summertime. It leaves us with only purchasing the sparkly gift for each child! In fact, I have all of my Christmas shopping done for extended family, girl-friends and both mothers!


Saves time, $$$ and those all-too-familiar stressed-out December feelings.


I'm slow but definitely worth the wait! It took me 8 years to catch on to doing things waaaaay early for Christmas.



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