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Not so bad....cost for next year


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So now that I have simplified some curricula our cost for next year doesn't look nearly as bad. For about $775 more I can supply all curricula for 4 kids. That doesn't include CC tuition (which I think will be 2250 or around there), living books/reference books, or our notebooks and school supplies (most of which I already own), but that's still probably less than other years. It also doesn't include supplemental things we do in summer time. I also just spent about $1000 on curricula and school supplies that break down like this:


250: CC Pre-Scripts books for this year and next year, Latin for next year, Science cards for next year, and Essentials supplements for next year, one math supplement reference


180: Notebooks and school supplies for this year....some may last through next year


300: phonics curriculum that will hopefully last through all my kids from preschool-3rd grade


80: Spalding materials for reading comprehension and spelling supplements- will last for years


105: more language arts materials and a few fandex field guides...only $7 of it was consumable


Except for the notebooks and school supplies these are almost all non-consumable and meant to last us for years because I'm trying to get away from consumable products except for their math workbooks, thinking skills workbooks (some of which last more than one year or are re-useable for other kiddos), IEW workbooks, and Latin and Greek workbooks. I'm trying to make most things done in notebooks and with handouts from my teacher's guides, etc., especially in language arts, history, science, geography, Bible, etc. In summer they will use VP Bible and History workbooks and SOTW student pages and in upper grades Apologia journals, but even that I think adds up to only $100ish per year per kid or less. If I decide to do Nancy Larson science in summer that would be a whole other investment, but I'm still thinking on that one.


So the 775 I have left are for:


the rest of our CC supplies (Essentials Teacher guide, flashcards, IEW for one kiddo, and audio cd): 240 (buy in June)


Math/Logic/Latin/Greek workbooks: 360 (buy in July or when having big sale)


Grammar handbooks for me and grammar primer for kids, another IEW workbook for 3rd grader: 175 (all but IEW also non-consumable or meant for me to self-educate) (buy in July or when having big sale)


The rest of our summer supplements and living books will be scattered throughout the next few months as they go on sale or have free shipping, etc. But I'll have to go add that up again :-)


Now to try and sell all the stuff I've decided not to use!!

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