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Nutella fans...


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I don't know how well this will come through, but I wanted to share a picture of the selection available here of chocolate hazelnut spread. Nutella is only one brand. The entire face of this display is nothing but chocolate hazelnut spread. The white in the upper right is Nutella, the rest of the red tubs are other brands, and in the upper left are the specialty brands.


It's so nice living in a country where hazelnuts are an export product!

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Oh.my.word. I think I am moving wherever you are. :)


It's Turkey, and the spread is an acceptable part of a healthy breakfast here! :drool5:


I'm not a fan of nutella, I'm not sure why, but it just doesn't taste right to me. I love hazelnuts and chocolate, but not nutella. I think the chocolate just isn't sweet enough in it. I did however recently buy a jar of Jif chocolate/hazelnut spread and LOVE it.


We actually don't buy Nutella either, but go for the red tubs - either Chokokrem or Chokella. Both have a nice chocolate/hazelnut balance.


I've been meaning to post the picture for a while but kept forgetting. I always think of all y'all whenever I go grocery shopping and pass that display (or a similar one in my other regular supermarket). Finally figured out how to shrink the photo so it would post.

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