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I found a spelling app for android!!

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I had been looking for an app to use with AAS for my 2 oldest and found a free one called montessori words lite (sorry don't know how to link from my nook). It has a "moveable alphabet" option on it that works great. Of course it doesn't have the specalized vowel/consontant team tiles. It doesn't pronounce the word for you, but I actually prefer that as it forces dc to pronounce it.


Just thought I would share since I saw word wizard for the ipad mentioned.

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Any other good educational apps for Android devices? DD has a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 tablet, but it is gathering dust while she continues her habit of playing games (non-educational) and YouTube videos on her iPod Touch.


I've had iPod Touches for a couple of years, but haven't really found any compelling educational apps for my 11-year old for the small screen. Since we are home most of the time, it seems to me that doing the better versions on the PC is preferable to using a small iPod or iPhone. For example, when we tried the working memory apps on the iPod, there were a lot more features with the online versions so she did the training on the PC instead of the iPod.

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