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How would you evaluate the Spectrum Workbooks?

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Dd11 picked up the 5th grade Spectrum Reading Comprehension and 5th Grade Spectrum Math workbooks. She likes the looks of them and does them willingly even during free time. How do they compare with other programs? I assume they are pretty much mainstream public school grade level material? They are not our main math curriculum - we use a mish-mash of Singapore, LOF and some other things for that. And usually reading is just part of our history and science core. But the fact that she can do these easily does give me a little bit of ease of mind that she isn't behind the public schools, anyway. Any comments? Has anyone used these?

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I haven't used their Reading Comprehension, but I use their Test Prep books and have a number of their math workbooks.

I think of them as much more like what a typical parent would use for afterschooling with a child or review of basics. I wouldn't use them to compare with other programs. I think they're woefully incomplete for that.


I think taking some comfort from them as far as being on grade level is fine and probably useful.

I think you'd get more information about grade level by giving a standardized test (ITBS, TerraNova, any of the talent search tests)

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