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Completely hopeless computer question


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Are you posting now from your new Macbook, or are you using another computer?


With a new computer, you will first have to get an internet connection. That meas one of two things:


-- you can unplug whatever cable you have been using to connect to your old computer and plug it into your new Macbook. This is what you would do if you do NOT have wi-fi in your home.


-- or you can 'tell' the new Macbook that you have wi-fi. Usually, you would need to know the name of your wi-fi network and the password for it.


-- once you are connected to the internet, you can got to the Firefox site to download Firefox and use it as your browser. If you find computers really, really confusing, you might want to try the Mac's built in browser (Safari) at first.


Apple has really great support. If you call them 1800 MY APPLE they will extremely helpful and talk you through step by step. I think you get three months of AppleCare free with your computer, but you can get a year of care for an extra sum. Most people here consistently recommend getting the extra care package.




BTW, feel free to ask a lot of questions. A new system can be bewildering at first -- but they get set up pretty quickly. Apple are some of the most consumer friendly products, so, once you find out what to do, it should be smooth sailing.

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