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One step closer to neuropsychological testing


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We found out today that insurance WILL cover the neuropsych evaluation! Now we have to begin the process of determining who we want to/can use and getting the appointment scheduled.


With that in mind, are there any specific questions I should be asking or things I should be looking for when choosing a doctor for this eval? I would love any advice from those of you who have BTDT; I am definitely feeling out of my depth with all of the decisions and choices surrounding this step.



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As this seems to be your first evaluation, I would suggest that you ask if a neuropsych has a focus on any particular LD?

Where this tends to cloud their evaluations, and can influence their conclusions?

So that for an initial evaluation, it would be better to use a neuropsych that doesn't have a strong bias to any LD?


But in terms of specific questions? You might consider what types of information you would hope to get from an evaluation?

So that you can ask them if they will be able to provide you with this information in their report?

Which you could later provide them with in writing.


Though it would also be worthwhile asking about their opinion on homeschooling, as this is important to know.

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