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Best Affordable Pro-biotic


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You'll get more bang for your buck with a powder, and with the range of ages in your family (thinking your 2-year old, and maybe your 6-year old, won't swallow capsules) it may be more convenient. Of course, there's only so many of the actual "bugs" that are going to survive the trip to your intestines that way. Many capsules are enteric coated and don't dissolve 'till they get where they are going. So that's a decision you'll have to make first. If you do go with capsules, you could always pull them apart and dump the powder out for those who don't swallow pills.


Also, many brands and types of probiotics are not shelf stable and need to be refrigerated. For this reason I would avoid walmart or the drug store for finding decent probiotics. I am, however, a total vitamin snob. :laugh: So take that for what it's worth.


Some brands that I think are decent but are middle-of-the-road in price would be Nature's Way, Bluebonnet, Flora, etc.

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