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son put in ISS during semester final review week

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My son is a kid just like we all have been and like we all have . The principal put my son in ISS for five school days for tossing an avacado between two of him and his friends. One of the boys didnt catch the avacado leaving a little mess on stairway at school. This happened as school was letting out for that day. Principal does call me lets me know and agreed the boys should have at least tried cleaning it up. But what really bothers me is that out of the three he was the only student who recevied ISS as the punishment. I dont like the idea of just one getting punishment and i feel the principal did it purposly. The reason i say that is the last nine weeks during the end of nine weeks testing he was also placed in ISS for i believe getting his third tardy in weight training. My whole point is he failed every semester exam this semester and has been tryin to play sports and is very good. The beginng of this year he was eligible to play football but did not want to but was waiting for basketball season. During his time waiting a kid brought pictures to principles attention from my sons facebook albums. These three pictures were dated two years prior to the date principal became aware. One was a hand holding marijuana. Another was a shadow of a kid tagging a bridge. But neither was proven to be him but was in his albums. Another was him holding a non lit cigar actin like he was supposed to smoke it and the commennt to that picture says he dont. I agreed with school they should have not been there at all. But i do know that he was done with that part of growing up two years prior also. The principal wanted to throw my son out of athlketics which he did and had already labeled him to smoking weed. Never did they drug test him but i did have my brother a formner drug task force agent drug test him at that time and he was free of any drugs. My son does not do drugs and i know and knew at time. So now i sit and think if the school is preventing him from succeeding to play sports. Reason is the first nine weeks he was in ISS for getting three tardys to weight training he failed due to a notebook being do in one class. That class made him have two F's but he still had a 2.0 gpa. This time had he gotten to review the semester test with his class he would have been eligible easy but he failed all of the test but two which has him not eligible and why had the other boys not been given same punishment.

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In our house, you do the crime you do the time. No ifs or so-and-so didn't have to.

Our oldest (who is now 26) was a horrible student academically, but excelled in sports as well. We got him a tutor and he was going in an hour early before school each and every day to get extra help. He knew he had to study on his own time, and that he had to work harder than most to get acceptable grades. The sports were important to him though, so he buckled down and found a way to pass. It's hard work, but the rewards are so great!


Anyone in our house under 18 that has a facebook must give me the password, and friend me. That way I can monitor appropriate content as I see fit. Inappropriate pictures would be deleted and the account would be terminated. I don't put up with any monkey business, and they all know it.


Hopefully his reputation with the school staff can be rectified. A lot of respect for authority goes a long way. It won't happen overnight, but given time hopefully he earn the respect back.


Good Luck! I was in your shoes, and I'm so glad that phase has passed. It will pass soon!

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I agree with u also. But if u do the crime i dnt see any crime in tossing a avacado and if it is then three students should have been punished is my whole point. I already know that the facebook issue was wrong and he learned from that not long after he decided to delete his whole account. And he does do his work he has no zeros in any class every assignmet turned in. At this point forget all about things he has done in 6th or 7th grade. He is a 9th grader and has a good repretation with the school the principal is the problem as far as being fair in disciplline of a student. I know my sons no saint and he was perfectly eligible so he is not academic horribly. My whole point is how is one student to be taken from privalges to studing with his class when there should have been three students disiciplined not one. So makes me want to assume he did his discipline way out of his dutys as a person of fair and as a educational leader.

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A couple of things--


Yes, tossing an avocado is against school rules. I am sure your school has a rule against throwing food.


You don't know what punishment was given the other kids. The school won't tell you that. If your son says he knows they didn't get ISS, I wouldn't believe him. The boys may have been separated during ISS. That happens at many schools.


Your son needed to study. He didn't. He didn't do well on his exams. He has to own that.


You said he had no zeroes, but in another sentence you said he had failed to turn in a notebook. So which is it?


Three tardies gives a kid ISS. I'll bet that is a school rule, too.


My kid is a soccer player. Athletics is important to him, too. He had a D in English halfway through the semester. His coach told him his eligibility was at risk. He pulled it up to an 87 by the end of the semester. Lots of hard work both in and out of class.


At some schools, athletes are held to a higher standard. At some schools, athletes are able to get away with a lot of stuff. My kid goes to a school where the former is true. If he had anywhere on his Facebook any sort of smoking or drug pictures, he would not be on the soccer team. Full stop. No arguments from anyone. That's life. It's like that where I teach, too.

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Ok well like i did mention he was was about facebook and yes didnt turn notebook in last nine weeks yes. And yes yes yes i do in fact know the other two students did not get any punishnment so i just really have one thing to say. If all kids was tossing the avacado all should be punished according to the school policy and it states one day detention or in school suspension . Not 5 days worth and i never said my kid was right about anything he brought upon himself. I was ok with the principlals descision until i had heard that he was the only one who paid the concequences.

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