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Well, that was tons of fun!


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Tried to see how I could get in touch with an anesthesiologist in obstetrics to develop a protocol.


I called the hospital switch board. Was given a phone #. Turned out to be pain management clinic.


Um, no.


They transferred me to OB. Who then transferred me to ambulatory services. From which menu I chose intake testing. Who gave me a number to somewhere else in OB. Who tried to transfer me back to ambulatory services.


Woman answering the phone there kept going on about scheduled C-sections and inductions. I eventually got across to her that I was probably not going to have either, but I need to have a plan in place in case I ended up with a C-section so the anesthesiologist does not accidentally kill me.


What finally got her attention was, "If I have to come in and there is not a protocol in place, I could DIE. According to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, I really, really, really should talk to an anesthesiologist so he doesn't kill me."


"Well, doesn't your doctor know about your condition, and can't she make arrangements?"


"Actually, no, she had never even heard of it because it is so rare, but an anesthesiologist will know how to treat a neuromuscular disorder with dangers of malignant hyperthermia and cardiac arrest from hyperkalemia." I didn't mention that my OB/GYN thinks it's A-ok if I go into malignant hyperthermia because "they do drills." *rolls eyes*


Soooooo.... I'm going into ambulatory services next week and a nurse is rounding up an anesthesiologist from obstetrics to make a protocol the hospital will follow.


Just about every time I talk to a medical professional about this pregnancy (excepting my perinatologist), I want to homebirth more. I won't. But I want to.

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I'm also investigating an office that the HMO has that only has ONE OB/GYN in it. If she delivers all her babies, she's probably going to be the baby-catcher for me. That way, I don't have to deal with the nightmare of a practice with EIGHT OBs. I don't think I can get that lucky, though.

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