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Florida people, and others with suggestions

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I need help! My family and I are going to Disney World in September. We will be staying at POP Century. We will NOT have a car. So now my problem. I have back problems and see a chiropractor regularly. At home I have an inversion table that I must hang on several times a day. I am looking for a way to get an inversion table to use in my room while I am there. I thought of buying one and checking on the plane, but it is too big. I have checked with medical rental places near Disney and none of them have inversion tables. I have checked with UPS about shipping one there, but it would cost over $100 each way to do this. I had thought about going to Walmart or something to buy one when I arrive and return it before I go home. But as I said, we will not have a car. I don't know how expensive a taxi would be, or if one would even fit in the taxi. Plus we don't really want to take time out of 2 of our days trying to accomplish this task.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for me? PLEASE!!!!:001_wub:

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Thanks for the suggestion, but that won't work. I need to hang as soon as I get up in the morning and before bed. And to be honest, I need it several times during the day also.


Anyone else, please?


Will the table take much floor space while in use? The WDW resort we stayed in had very little extra floor space. You may want to call the resort to check if there is even enough room for for your table. I'm sorry, but I can't help you with the getting the table.

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Good point - if it's what i'm thinking of - there won't be much room in the room for it, maybe in front of the sink in the bathroom area.


Does your chiropractor have a colleague in the area he can call and ask for you? Walker Medical would have been my guess....


If you are going to take a Town Car service from teh airport they will stop at the store for you. What would a daily rental from Enterprise be? (i'm 99% sure they are the ones onsite) maybe you could do that and pick one up at WM cheaper than shipping or renting one anyway?


I'm too far away to offer to go shopping for you.

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I will have to ask my chiropractor if he has any suggestions.

We are using Disney's Magical Express as our transportation, so a stop at the store is out of the question.

That was very kind of you to imply that you would go shopping for me if you lived closer. :)

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HOpefully you can figure it out, you might check with FLorida Hospital - they operate the First Aid centers on site, and have "Centra Care" clinics right next to Downtown Disney. THeir durable medical department might rent them?


Are you on the Dis boards? Someone there might have some ideas too, so be sure to ask! I'll keep trying to think of ideas.

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I don't really have a number - it was one of those thoughts that jumped into my heads. Most hospitals have a "durable medical goods" type of supply place with them.




I'm guessing there just isn't a big call for renting one while on vacation, check with your doc first and see what he suggests. Also check with the airline - some medical equipment doesn't count as luggage.


There are also shoppers in the area - so maybe one of them could pick it up for you and leave it at the hotel? I'd have to weigh the cost of all the options.... rental car for 1/2 day, town car service, personal shopper. There are also some rental places that rent baby equipment and such - not just the medical supply places. I have no idea WHO they are, i have just seen vans driving around on property. They might have a broader range of things they rent.


Good luck - nothing else came to me overnight!

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