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I don't have a fancy digital camera, it is the Kodak Easy Share Z712. So it is not a cheapy one either.


I think it is a nice enough camera to show me the ugly truth about myself. That ugly truth? It was never the succession of cheap cameras causing the problem, it was the photographer. Yup, it seems I can take crappy pictures no matter what camera you put in my hands.


I need a couple of things. First, can someone tell me, in easy words and a soothing voice, how to keep pictures taken in bright sunlight from having a funky blue cast to them? And can someone recommend a book that deals with digital photography with a point and shoot? Most of what I am finding is for people who have SLRs.


Or, could someone come over and just show me how to take decent pictures in a variety of settings? I just made a fresh pitcher of sweet ice tea, if that will entice you.

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That sounds like you've got some glare issues going on. I'm no professional, but in bright light, you do have to be careful to not have the sun IN the field of vision or you'll end up with silouetted subjects and a ghosty looking flare in the background.


This site might prove helpful. Just remember that digital is great because you can take picture after picture without it costing anything. So, my advice would be to shoot lots of images, in all manner of light and dark, until you get what you think is the right results. That's the greatest thing about digital, imho.


I taught a co-op class using a book called "I Wanna Take Me a Picture" which might be a fun exercise for you and your kids. It's more about expressing yourself through photos and writing, but there are technical insights to be had as well.


As for the tea...? I'm on my way. :D

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Try this book - "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby. It will give helpful tips, has some humor to it, and if I remember correctly, he gives specific instruction on point and shoot digital cameras.


In terms of the sunlight, I usually fix my error with Photoshop, LOL.


No Photoshop here, but I do have the free download Photoscape. What do you do in Photoshop? I might be able to replicate it in Photoscape.


Right now I just turn them into black and white pictures but I don't think that is a good long term solution for every bad picture.

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If it's like mine, there should be a round dial on the back that has different settings. Main one is auto next is scn. Go to that. That should give you a ton of settings to choose from. There is one with a little man with his arms and legs akimbo and a curve over his head. It's for taking pix in bright sun. You might try that setting to see if it helps. The is also one for sun behind the subject, you shooting towards the sun (not an easy thing to do).


Anyway, hths!

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