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Guess what's sitting in my driveway? :D


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That's right, my previously-stolen car! :D My dd's godmother gave dh a ride to the tow place late yesterday and they picked it up. There are a few minor things that need to be repaired- the thieves snapped off the rearview mirror and broke it, one of the side mirrors is cracked, and they stole everything out of the car except the car seat- but it runs! And thanks to the generous donations we received from you lovely people, we'll be able to afford getting the mirrors fixed, too!

:party: .


Thank you all so much for the emotional and financial support. My goal for the new year is to find a way to pass on the generosity and caring I was shown here. :)

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It's amazing it didn't need more work. :grouphug: Good to hear you'll be up and running.


Definitely. I guess the foot plus of snow out there is good for something. I'm guessing it would have been worse if they'd crashed it into the ditch in the middle of summer or something. Or they wouldn't have crashed at all and I'd never have seen it again.

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