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S/o steam mops-handheld steam cleaner?


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I have one. It's a Shark. Every time I use it Ds tells me how much worse the floor looks. I've gone back to my old method. If I'm going to put time and effort into the floor I want it to be somewhere near clean. When I complained to my friend who recommended it in the first place she said "Oh. it's really meant for touch ups." Maybe another brand would work better, but I'm not willing to shell out more $$ to find out.


ETA:Whoops, this belonged in the other thread!

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I have a Shark hand-held steam thing. Hate it. It doesn't clean the way I thought it would. Maybe I had high expectations. We live in a hard water area and honestly, lemon juice or vinegar works better. And it didn't do a thing for the grout. Didn't work on the greasy vent above the stove at all.

I'll probably be selling it soon. My original way of cleaning was more effective, if less fun.

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