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Reading level of The Hobbit?

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My 8 year old son, who reads comfortably at about a 5th/6th grade level wanted to play a game on my iPad.

I told him that before he did that I wanted him to read the first chapter of The Hobbit (which I have in iBooks).

I did this to give him a break from playing games and to also see how far he got! :) He made it to page 69 before

he asked if he could stop! I'm really a bit surprised he went that far.


Does anyone know the reading level of The Hobbit? I am NOT interested in LEXILE numbers, people! Lexile makes no

sense to me so unless you want to explain it clearly, don't go there.


I would just like to have a general idea of its perceived reading level.


Thanks! :^)

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Well, since you are just asking for opinions... ;)


I personally would place it between 5th-6th grade reading level. The story-telling, sentence structure, and thematic elements are not difficult; there are just a number of vocabulary words that will be unfamiliar.


Even though you're not looking for scholastic levels -- several curriculum vendors place it in either their grade 5 or grade 6 programs.


Whatever the grade level, hope your DS will continue to enjoy it! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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My 8 year old read it and loved it. He also has read the first two books of the LOTR series and loved those. Really, the hardest parts are the elf language, and that's easy to skip over.


We read all of the books at the same time - him reading on his own, and me reading on my own. We just had two bookmarks in the book. He usually beat me, since he is a much faster reader! When I asked him questions, he was able to answer them, and he also noticed differences between the books and the movies.


I have no clue where to place them grade level wise, as I don't know what's typical of the upper elementary/lower middle school grade levels, and DS can read anything I put in front of him, so I just don't worry about the grade levels of books anymore. I look more for interest instead. I figured the Hobbit was somewhere near middle school level, but I could certainly be wrong.

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VP puts it for 4th grade in their catalog, but they're pretty aggressive. I think there's also just a developmental readiness. My dd has always had a reading level beyond her grade, but when I had her read the Hobbit the first time, it went over like a lead balloon. A year later she read it and took off. Had nothing to do with reading comprehension and everything to do with being ready. It's sort of an odd book. Nuts, Tolkien is an odd dude...

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