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When to drop formal Grammar?

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One final goal is for a student to be able to understand punctuation patterns. It takes a lot of grammar instruction, before they can understand the The Art of Styling Sentences. I have found that my own punctuation skills improve only as far as I worked through sentence composition exercises. Advanced punctuation skills are important for voice.


The other goal I have is prepare students for, and to facilitate, foreign language study.


I don't plan grammar instruction as a one-size-fits-all subject. Some students don't need to write with voice. Others are not going to study a foreign language.

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I'd suggest a sequence of basic grammar, syntax, and then rhetoric (with a focus on the canon of style in writing assignments). If you're also continuing foreign language you'll get a lot of mileage from that.

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My oldest daughter used R&S grammar for 3rd-6th grade. We decided to focus heavily on writing this year for 7th and do "light grammar." Not having grammar scheduled for us means we've pretty much let it go. :( I've just been pointing out her grammar errors in her writing and reviewing it that way. Now halfway through 7th grade, I see the error of letting grammar go this year. I'm not going to buy a formal curriculum for the rest of this year, but I am going to be more consistent with planning grammar exercises and review. And next year, for 8th grade, we'll do Analytical Grammar.

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