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book recommendations on parenting gifted kids?


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I'm especially interested on books that address the emotional needs, esp if they put extra demands on themselves or perfectionism...


My youngest (barely 4) is also precocious (reading by 2, math facts, etc by osmosis) and usually a in-the-moment sunny disposition guy with the occasional passionate outburst typical of a highly sensitive child (a common trait to all three of my kids, and I've read Elaine Aron's book several times).


I know this is not unique to being gifted, but I think it is more common with the perfectionism (I hadn't seen in him yet) associated with giftedness. When he is upset with himself, his language and complexity of thought behind his outbursts are asynchronous with his age and (I think) beyond his emotional maturity to really deal with as well.


In any case, I feel I will need more guidance with how to help him navigate his acceleration/giftedness than his siblings who are gifted, but were not quite as sensitive or precocious (so they were a little more mature).



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My favorite is A Parents Guide to Gifted Children. You can "look inside" at the Amazon link provided. It covers a broad range of parenting topics, and I felt like the authors really "got it."



Seconded. I did a Mom's circle reading/discussing this book, and the range of suggestions are invaluable. Some techniques worked for some kids and not others, but everyone learned a number of valuable techniques that worked with their kids.

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