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Does eating sugar make hot flashes worse?

DB in NJ

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I think it depends on the person. I also think caffeine makes a difference too. My eating has not been very low carb or low sugar for the past few weeks (yikes!), but my hot flashes have not been any worse. However, since I started drinking coffee again (peppermint mocha latte), I have noticed I'm having night sweats each night I drink coffee in the afternoon.

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*Waving to DB!*


I had hot flashes for about a month or two 18 months ago. I craved protein then, and ate less carbs and got relief from the flashes. It makes sense (to my little brain) that sugar could trigger them (I am no medical expert!) as more insulin is needed for the sugar. Insulin is a hormone, and I am guessing could affect other hormones?


All I know is that less carbs helped me through that time. I am not through menopause yet, and fully expect to have hot flashes again. I found it interesting that my body craved more protein during that time, and the hot flashes subsided when I ate more protein.



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