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IPad navigation question


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1-So to get to the top of the webpage, app, etc. quickly you can just tap the time at the top of the screen and it zooms you to the top. Is there any way to get to the bottom quickly? When browsing these forums especially, if I've read up to post #40 and come back later to read more it is annoying to scroll down through so many posts to get to the new one. Just wondering if there is a shortcut.


2- I use the open in new tab feature and find that the pages aren't actually opening in the background, Safari waits until I click on the tab to load the page. I want it to actually load instead of having to wait for it to load. Anyone else with this problem? I can't find anything in the settings that helps.


3- when I want to edit a sentence I have the hardest time getting the cursor where I want it and sometimes can't zoom in. I end up deleting whole words that I don't want to delete because I just can't get the cursor in the right place. Is there an arrow over feature somewhere that I'm missing?


I feel slightly ridiculous posting this because I know these things are so unimportant in the grand scheme of life. :blushing: Hoping one of you experts can help me.



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I wish I could help, but I am usually staring at my IPad and wondering how i did whatever I did and how to either do it again or NEVER repeat it.


LOL me too! I just figured out how to copy and paste!


Thanks for the tip about touching the time - I didn't know that!

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