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After LLLoTR? for a co-op group of rising 9th/10th graders

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I'm looking for curric. suggestions for our co-op for next year. This year our group of advanced 8th/9th graders has been working through "Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings". It's been a great year! Several of the students also participate in an outside IEW class and do some vocabulary study at home, so this course has been the perfect fit to round out an English credit. We are blessed to have a former English teacher to do the instruction but her own children are much younger and she is new to home schooling so she is not familiar enough with the offerings available.


Some of these families do not follow a classical model for history and I believe most of the students will be studying government next year, so we are more interested in suggestions which are not tied to a particular historical period.

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Either Smarr's Intro to Lit Course or EIL's Intro to Lit course might be a good choice. They both have a nice variety of books and a suggested schedule which would at least give a structure and pacing to the course.. I believe EIL has specific suggestions on using it in a co-op situation as that's how the course was originally presented. Landry Academy uses the Smarr courses as the core of their upper level courses. Smarr has comprehension questions, vocabulary, and writing assignments for the student. EIL has research and writing assignments. I think both programs also make it fairly easy to swap out other books in their program if you don't like one of the original scheduled ones.

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