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Mostly, I wonder if it is possible to find a tag if I don't know the correct spelling for it. I'm looking for nan's words of wisdom but haven't been successful with it. Is there a way to see a list of the tags, alphabetically or otherwise? I've tried searches on nan's words of wisdom, nan* (hoping that would show anything starting with nan), etc.


This post lists a number of great tags (nan's included), but the links don't work. :confused1:


I have successfully found megawords, haoh, lof, life of fred, analytical grammar, so I know the tag search works.


I might be able to find the tag if I knew how to search on threads that nan has started. But, I haven't been successful limiting the search to only threads she's started. Is there a way?


Ah. I found the tag. The search doesn't like the apostrophe. This thread has a bunch of tags. Click on the tags without apostrophes and they work fine. Click on the tags with apostrophes and they don't work. Looks like the apostrophe has been replaced with a V. Now I've found the thread I was originally looking for. Off to use it...

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