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It's so odd--I keep having Newtown "connections" come up (CC)

Chris in VA

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Just random stuff, but it is weird coincidence to me, and I don't know that I have to do anything with it, but...


Found out this week that my parents always stop in Newtown on their way down and way home from visiting us from NH. You know that cafe where the news was saying the community kept gathering after the shooting? That's where they eat.


Found out my cousin, whom I never see and don't have a relationship with, lives in Newtown.


Most randomly, I got a solicitation for a subscription to Mary Butter's magazine, MaryJanesFarm. I went online and saw they have blogs done by women who have "farm girl values" so I clicked on the suburban farmgirl one. The blogger lives in Newtown.


Could I be called to pray for them?

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I think whenever there's a tragedy like this, we look for our connections to it - it just seems natural to want to reach out, to want to be a part of it in an odd way. I think some people would say it's trying be sensationalistic or something sort of negative, but I think it's just a desire to personalize it and really feel those bonds that connect all of us. We're all six degrees and all that.


Dh grew up near Newtown and went to Catholic high school with several people from there and also with people in the Connecticut government who have been named in the news as a result (spokespeople, etc.). It does give things an eerie edge and those connections have certainly been on my mind since it happened. In other tragedies, I know I remember having visited the place involved, or thinking of someone I know from the place involved.


I'm sure it doesn't hurt to pray... ever. :)

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