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Dr Hive...what can this be??


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For months now, off and on...not constant, I have been having this weird discomfort right below my rib cage. It feels worse when I press on it. It doesn't hurt...I have never had pain....just a weird feeling of discomfort. I still eat...although my appitite isn't always as big when I am feeling better. I have never thrown up. I haven't noticed that it feels better or worse in cetain situations or after eating certain foods. It just feels weird and icky. But it comes and goes...like, the whole week we were in Disney (and before and after too) I felt just fine...but about a week or so ago I started feeling bad again.


I thought of gall bladder but all I have read says it's painful or more on the right side...but mine in right in the middle. I have thought of heartburn but my symptoms don't seem to match up either. I did call the doctor today and he put me on Prilosec. (I am leaving tomorrow for a week at my parents)...I also seem to be burping more than normal...by I don't feel gasy.


any thoughts for me??

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but if it was that, why, when we were at Disney and we ate horribly unhealthy food for an entire week I never had any problems? And why when I am at home and I eat basically the same types of food, would I have problems sometimes and not others. It's not that I don't beleive you, I would just think the feeling would be more consistant and not on sometimes and off others.

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