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Curriculum for 1st and 3rd grader


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So I have looked at a lot of boxed curriculums and have decided that it probably just isn't going to work right now for us. So for all of you who have pieced your dc stuff together what would you use. My oldest has done Ancients and Apologia isn't a big hit but not too bad. We have used some SL but I really want to get my oldest together since I have 2 more little ones. We're good with Math, but other than that could use a little advice...LA, Sci, History, Bible... :) Thanks (They're 6 & 8)

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..LA, Sci, History, Bible... :) Thanks (They're 6 & 8)



You could used Five in a Row for all of the above for both children. Though I know not everyone is comfy with that so here are some more choices that I personally like.


LA -We find LLATL to be very good despite some who feel it is not enough. My second would be either PLL or ABeka (how's that for variety!) :D


Science- Magic School Bus and/or Christian Kid's Explore ___


History- Child's History of the World and/or An Island Story


Bible- Vos's Child's Story Bible

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I have a 2nd and 3rd grader this year, but here is what I recommend currently for those grades (minus math since you said you're good there).



Logic: Building Thinking Skills Primary

Latin: Latin's Not So Tough 1

Greek: Hey Andrew 1

Phonics/Spelling: Yes Phonics (take off of WRTR.....mine is in the mail but Hunter on this forum has good things to say)

Grammar: Dictation Resource Book by Susan C. Anthony

Writing: Pre-Scripts (coming out in January from CC)

Reading: McCall-Harby for comprehension testing and lessons, McGuffey First Eclectic Reader for oral reading, books from Veritas Press and dictate narrations to use via WTM and illustrate, literature terms from Teaching the Classics

Memory Work and Enrichment subjects: CC, Character First, First Catechism, AWANA (or Memory Work Notebook from CLP)


History: Story of the World 1

Science: Nancy Larson Science 2 or Christian Kids Explore with 3rd grader

Bible: A Child's Story Bible



Logic: Building Thinking Skills 1

Latin: LNST 3 (I would fly through the earlier books first)

Greek: HA 3 (I would fly through the earlier books first)

Phonics/Spelling: Yes Phonics

Grammar: Dictation Resource Book (can do together with 1st grader on the whiteboard)

Writing: Pre-Scripts and IEW (either Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales or All Things Fun and Fascinating)

Reading: same as above except McCall-Crabbs B and McGuffey Third Reader, can do literature terms and comprehension lessons together but test separately

Memory Work and Enrichment: same as above, can do together


History:VP's NT/G&R (can do as self-paced, may want to do OT/AE first)

Science: Nancy Larson Science 4 or Christian Kids Explore together with 1st grader

Bible: VP's Judges-Kings (may want to do Genesis-Joshua first)


The Logic, Latin, and Greek are pretty much independent unless they need help with something. The memory work can be mostly independent if they can read and the enrichment subjects require only some good encyclopedias or reference books and a sketch notebook (plus living books for free reading).


For read aloud I would use the lists from Teaching the Classics and A Thomas Jefferson Education. For Bible I would use a study Bible (I like the Life Application Study Bible) and a Bible Handbook for kids as well as some Bible reference books for kids (concordance, dictionary, atlas) and a sketch notebook. I would introduce the books of the Bible to them as you get to them and then just do daily reading (two OT, 1 NT, a few verses from Proverbs, part of a Psalm......I use MacArthur's Daily Bible for this). They can take notes as desired and look up verses or take turns reading using a giant print Bible of your choosing. After the daily reading you could have them answer questions from Balancing the Sword if you'd like. At the end of the book I would use the Picture Smart Bible as a summary/wrap-up. For prayer I would have them use a daily planner and write out ACTS like an acrostic to guide their prayer (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). A good devotional is Small Talks on Big Questions (or something like that) from Vision Forum. It goes with First Catechism. Then I would sing hymns and use a manners book to go over a daily manner with them.


These methods are pretty inexpensive and VERY effective!


Hope that helps!

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I had a 1st and 3rd grader 2 yrs ago. We follow the WTM rotations w/the older, and the younger tags along. So we did at that time:


Rod and Staff 1st grade reading and phonics and handwriting. This covered her Bible.


3rd grader did R&S 3rd grade English and penmanship, 4th grade math and Spelling. I did WTM style writing as well.


Together we did SOTW3 and WTM style chemistry using Adventures with Atoms and Molecules as our guide and using the Usborne Science Encyclopedia for extra research and online links. We did a science fair that year, each choosing a topic they wanted to explore farther. Both had science notebooks and history notebooks ala WTM.


We did Prima Latina together, though the younger did no workbook or writing. She was still learning to read and write. She did flashcards, vocab, and songs and prayers with us and colored in a coloring book while older was doing the workbook.


I did some extra history w/the 1st grader since some of the SOTW3 was over her head. I used What Your First Grader Needs to Know as a guide to some more American History and focused more on that w/videos and biographies for her.


Art was Drawing with Children for all of us.


I didn't have a specific Bible program for the 3rd grader that year. We did various things throughout the year instead.

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1st Grade:

Math: Math Mammoth 1, XtraMath

Language Arts: copy 2 sentences, reading list



3rd Grade:

Math: Math Mammoth 3, Xtramath

Language Arts: Rod and Staff English 3,reading list

Classical study: Memoria Press's Greek Myths



Language Arts: Spell to Write and Read, Prima Latina

History: Our Island Story, Story of the World 2

Memory Work: linguistic development

Science: Real Science Odyssey

Bible: read scriptures together

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My boys are those ages now and I've picked and chosen from a bunch of sources.


Math: Singapore Primary Math

Writing: IEW TWSS for the older, copywork from our read-alouds for the younger

Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears

Science: Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

Art and Music: Harmony Fine Arts

Spelling: All About Spelling for 1st, Phonetic Zoo for 3rd

History: Connecting with History beginner level, volume 2

We do grammar informally right now, but I'll be starting FLL3 with my 3rd grader soon

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I have a 1st & 3rd grader starting in january. This is my plan:


Grammar Island. Actually the whole MCT island package.

Classical Writing Aesop A

Beast Academy

Singapore Maths

BFSU for science

Simply charlotte mason history - greece

Violin & piano

Lots of art!


For 1st:

Llatl red


Singapore maths

Miquon maths


Tagging along for science & history.


I'm not sure for bible yet but likely a simple mix of a few things with heavy emphasis on just read it.



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