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The coolest interactive reenactment of Mission Control during Apollo 13


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At the last minute, I came across information about this interactive reenactment of Mission Control during the Apollo 13 mission. DS10 loves astronomy, and we thought he'd love this. We gave him the choice between birthday presents/party (his birthday is New Year's Eve) or tickets. He chose tickets.


It was really fun. I wrote up details on my blog.


If you are close to Tacoma, WA, there are two shows December 29th and one on December 30th. If you are in the Spokane area, they'll be there January 9th through the 20th. The website doesn't mention any other locations.


Thought I'd share because it was really cool and someone might be in the area and interested. I don't think they did any advertising about it. We just got lucky someone posted about it on Facebook. I was told they had to cancel a couple of shows due to low attendance; the interactive part requires a certain amount of attendance to do it. It's a theater company from New Zealand that put it together.

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You probably understand it now that you've read the blog but think of it as going to a play based on the Apollo 13 mission (so you sort of know what is going on). When you arrive, you find out that you are actually a member of the cast rather than just part of the audience. So you are watching all of the action going on around you but every now and then the cast comes to you with a job to do or needing information that you were told to write down or figure out.

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