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Popping in for a moment to announce - The Rocket Team posted a HUGE flight!


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Looks like we'll be heading to D.C./Mannasas/The Plains again this year. They headed out today in 8 degree weather (chill factor below zero) to put up three practice flights since wind speeds and other conditions were favorable. After putting up two gorgeous flights, tweaking a couple of things, and warming up inside our dear friends' farmhouse, they opted to attempt a qualifying flight since their NAR member was on hand to certifiy an attempt.


It was a lovely, highly competitive score and unless 100 teams all manage to break last year's qualification cut-off by a startling number, they should be going to competition again. I'm thrilled. It's a lot of work, but it is also well worth the investment in these kids (four boys, two girls ages 12 - 15 currently). Now, we need to organize them for the presentation competition. They opted not to do it last year even though we felt it would be very beneficial. This year, we did not give them a vote. Dh's comment when asked, "Why do we have to enter the presentation competition instead of the rocket building contests?" as "Because I said so!" The team manager looked at him and replied, "Well, okay then. We need to put together a banging presentation."


Of course, I MISSED THE WHOLE THING!!!! (pout, pout, pout, pout, pout, pout......). I was at the quilt store doing inventory so we wouldn't have to work on New Years Eve and Day to get it done. I've watched the video. But, it just isn't the same.


I hope they can pull off another top 20 finish. If so, they will not be allowed to opt out of Student Launch Initiative with NASA either. However, as an added bonus to the parents to motivate their youngsters, it looks like we might be able to get it certified through the independent study program of one of the area public schools because our 4-H program director has her PS teaching certificate and the whole program is overseen closely by NASA. It is a full introductory aerospace engineering curriculum when you get down to the brass bolts of the program and the one PS, one of the boys' on the team hails from that school, is very interested in giving him high school credit for it. They've already been in contact with another PS who has TARC teams and who have given a credit of introductory engineering for it in the past. I'm very happy about that. It will be nice for our PS and privately schooled team members to get that kind of recognition for their hard work and it is difficult, rigorous work.


So, that's our news. It's been hairy and crazy and though I'd like to be on the chat board more often than I have, I need to be careful. I've got Duke University TechXcite training coming up and some robotics to teach after the first of the year - a new topic for me - therefore, I need to be a good girl, get my Arduino books out, and study.



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That's exciting, Faith! You and your dh and kids invest a lot of time in rocketry, how wonderful to see such success for your efforts! Keep us posted on how the rest of the season goes (um, "season"... I can only guess there's some kind of competition cycle?).


Every time I read one of your rocket posts, I think of October Sky. Love that story.

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Way to go! You guys are so impressive! They are lucky to have this experience.


The 4-H leadership kids here are out this morning scoping out the new facility where they will be working this spring. The (specialty #1) kids did their thing this fall, but now the (specialty #2) kids are swinging into action. Dh is out on the land with them serving as the liason between 4-H and the facility. It is 31 degrees here at home, and I can't imagine how much colder it is there, as there is no shelter. Brrr!

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