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If you love Homeland and Dexter, what else do you love/watch?


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We don't watch a lot of tv shows. We just finished the recent season of Dexter, and halfway through the second season of Homeland. Fringe is ALMOST over (sad!) and I don't have many others that I am currently watching/loving.


Any recommendations? We have Netflix, so we can watch there. We also have HBO and Showtime, so we can watch there. I just don't know of any that are as good as these two shows.


Shameless is about to start, and I like that, but I really love Dexter and Homeland. So good!

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I also second Breaking Bad, Lost & Sherlock (UK version). A few more... :) Nurse Jackie, Carnival, Weeds, The Borgias, The Tudors, United States of Tara, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, Rome, The Wire, True Blood, Girls, Hung (really only the first season), Treme & Newsroom (didn't love it, but solid acting and interesting if you like political shows). If you are willing to watch via Project Free TV, I also loved Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisys and Wonderfalls (all by the same writer, Bryan Fuller).

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Did you watch the newer Galactica? I'm not normally a big sci-fi person and it's definitely fluffier, but we watched that whole thing.


Breaking Bad for sure.


We watch Hoarders quite a bit, which is totally different but we have similar taste so maybe...


British Sherlock was good. Too short, though.


Another departure: we have started watching the old seasons of Malcolm in the Middle on netflix. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is in there, too, and the sarcastic/real family humor writing is great. It's as far as we go toward goofy, though, so YMMV.

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