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Belhaven High Scholars dual enrollment in place of AP classes

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Our daughter wants to take several online AP courses in high school. A friend told me about Belhaven High Scholars dual enrollment this morning.



If you thought about this program and decided against it, can you share why?


We like the online discussion, streaming lectures, and Christian worldview. I like the scope and sequence a lot for a solid humanities background.


I don't like not knowing how these courses will transfer. Will they transfer to schools like Baylor, Wake Forest or Unc? I think we would still plan on some AP courses in unrelated subjects as well as SAT subject tests.


Would that many dual enrollment credits (vs. AP test score credit) affect merit scholarships or financial aid?


Thanks for any input.

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Baylor has a page (here) where you can check transfer credits. It looks like math is the only course accepted from Bellhaven. That doesn't mean they won't accept anything else, but if it isn't on this page it is a case-by-case basis. I would consider them for outsourcing high school subjects, but I wouldn't count on dual credit unless you verify it at a particular university ahead of time.


I constantly face the decision between having my child take a course that will transfer to a university (probably Baylor for my oldest) verses a class in which I think he will receive a better education. I choose educational value over credit for his area of interest (humanities/pre-law) but will choose credit over education for courses he just needs to get out of the way (sciences) or classes we have already covered really well at home (government, US history)

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One more thing. Keep in mind that even though many dual credit courses will "transfer" to a university, they may not fulfill your students' degree plan requirements. I looked into several courses that Baylor accepts from our local community college, but discovered that they either weren't required for my son's degree plan or were considered remedial classes. Either way, they would only transfer as electives. We discovered the same thing with AP's.

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