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I think there was a post on here before about this, but can't find it now.


What do you do with all your children's completed papers? Do you keep binders for each subject, file only certain ones, throw them all out? How do you decide what to keep and what to pitch?


Right now I keep and file their weekly assignment charts so I know what we've done when. But the rest of their papers are in stacks everywhere. Help!

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My boys record their science exercises and activities in notebooks. We keep those because they enjoy reading through them. I have their history notebooks bound at the end of the school year. I put art projects on the wall for a while, and save only the best ones, which go in a plastic bin in the basement.


The rest we toss. I get overwhelmed by tons of paper everywhere, so I don't keep it. :)



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My boys each have a box for completed papers that aren't part of a workbook. We shove every scrap in there - every art, every math drill, every doodle, every writing project - everything in a big mess. Then, once every two months, we pull them all out and then put a few representative pieces into a binder. Then we throw everything else in the recycle bin.

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We keep them in a zipper-binder with subject tabs to separate them. When that gets full, we take them out and put them in a 3"binder. I add pictures and other scrapbook stuff to the 3" binder and that is their homeschool portfolio. They each have one for each year.


We are required by law to keep a portfolio for 3 years, but I have all of them in the barn. Someday we'll go through them, pull out the work pages, keep just the best stuff, and have a nice scrapbook of each kid growing up.

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