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Starting School in Jan? Completing 2 grade levels

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You would look at the number of days you plan to do lessons, divide by two, and then distribute the work for each grade level in that amount of time. You will probably also want to cut down on any redundancy and use resources that are acceleration friendly. For example, for math, Singapore is easier to accelerate than Saxon. Another thing you can do with certain types of resources is use the higher grade level over the whole year. This could work well for things like grammar, writing, and literature/reading if your child isn't struggling in these areas. You could probably also get away with using a math program like Saxon this way because it includes so much review.

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In math and English, I would do 3rd; then skip 4th and just start in on 5th. These are the two "important" subjects. The 4th grade level of each is largely reinforcement of previous concepts. All new concepts from 4th are also taught in the 5th (just faster); you can always slow down a little when you hit them and focus a little harder there. If you are using the Classical method, just continue where ever you are for science/history/reading/writing. Those subjects really are not grade dependent.

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