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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day- Wanna vent with me?


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So, Yesterday I woke up to an email saying our German Tutor was dumping us- nothing *I* did, but she wasn't honest, and told me she could work with my youngish kids, when really she has no experience with them. The kids did great with their first session, and we were all so excited. But- Dumped.


THEN, I got a message saying something I had sold was returned to sender because palpal gave me the wrong address for the buyer.


THEN, My baby has an ear infection, no one has slept well in days, I am homesick, my family back home has been out of touch, and...


NOW, my husband is telling me he'll have to switch to a 12 hour night shift for a while. Which SUCKS.


Oh, And I didn't get "picked" for something I was kind of counting on getting picked for.... I was really looking forward to it, and now, not happening.




Tell me about your terrible, horrible, day. I need commiseration!


(edited to take out some of the whining LOL)

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I'll whine with you...


My father just informed me that he and his wife are not getting along. Then he asked if Home Depot by me was hiring.


I can't have other people here! I'm not supposed to have a visitor for more than 2 non-consecutive weeks in a year. I'm not sure what his thoughts are.


I may have to break the news sooner to him that I'm planning on moving to NC.


My surgery for tomorrow was canceled by the surgeon for the same reason it was moved from November 19th at a local-ish surgery center to December 29th at the not local main hospital. Now i have no choice but to go with a local Dr that I'm not fond of.


Ds's fuse is shorter than normal. His asthma is acting up and albuterol is not helping his behavior (xopenex would mellow him but i dont know how or why).


The garbage truck may not be able to get on my block today.


The town has still not spread gravel on my block, so even if i could shovel off my car and start it, it's not safe to try and get down the hill.


My shovel walked off the other day.


My car needs a new battery and 2 new tires.


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Oh let's see...


DS3 came down with the flu on Christmas Eve. So much for that flu shot. Then yesterday morning, it passed on to DS4, who is far more dramatic about illness.


DS3 woke up crying and whining about every 20-30 minutes last night, disoriented or needing to blow his nose or complaining that the tissues were "too expensive". ?????


DH snored all night (no sleep apnea, diagnosis is basically "noisy sleeper") and slept through all of DS3's wakings.


At 3:30AM, I woke up to the sound of vomiting. Not a sick kid, but rather the cat that was sleeping on top of me. All over me and my side of the bed. Left DH on his side of the bed and told him not to roll over and went onto the couch.


Couldn't sleep on the couch because of this awful morning-noon-night sickness that I came down with because apparently we can't even get "permanent birth control" to work right.


My mom accidentally rolls over her phone, calls me, and hangs up at 6:30, just after I got to sleep. As I'm trying to figure out if she needed something...


... DS4 wakes up and throws up in his bed. I get him into the bathroom, but by then DS3 is awake and ready to play/eat/drink/complain/wipe nose on me.


Then I got cranky at DH as he left for work.


I declare this an "excessive amount of screen time day" today.

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I think my post on the subject was deleted but


I started the day yesterday backing into the corner of my own house and crushing the read end of my car.


But I still took the kids to get their learners permits because they were looking so forward to it. We waited in line outside in the 38 degree cold for well over 2 hours and then didn't have the proper documentation. They needed a certificate from the kids' school indicating that they had good attendance and grades. Which I think is BS anyway.




I took the car for an estimate on repairs and got a rental car, which I really shouldn't spend the money on, but I need it for a trip we were planning to go on and that I really can't cancel. I am not filing with insurance because I have a $1000 deductible anyway and can't have my rates go up with two teen drivers coming along.


So $1500 later ..... :(

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