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allowance apps?


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If you use an allowance app for your kids or a "bank of mom" kind of app, which one do you use? There are a lot of them out there and I'm specifically hoping to find one that will automatically allow me to add interest to my kids' "accounts." I've been doing this manually and it's a bit of a pain. I'm forever forgetting. They're flush with Christmas money and I'd love to reboot our system.

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I've liked this one quite a bit.


Good luck,


So, I just downloaded a bunch and this one is by far the sleekest and nicest. I would totally be willing to pay for the upgrade, but I don't see a way to deposit interest. That's my one dealbreaker. Do you or anyone else know if it has this feature? It looked like no.


The one I found that does seem to have interest is Kidsbank - but the interface is anything but sleek. And it's very locked into the savings-charity-spending setup, which I don't love.


The other one that looked really good was FamZoo, but good grief - you had to do a LOT of poking around because they want you to sign up for a free trial and not tell you the cost - it's nearly $40 a year. That's just absurd.

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iAllowance does have the interest feature. It's a set it and forget it app for me. Basically I have it set up where my oldest gets a certain amount each week. I have the amount split and deposited in the money piggy and in the savings piggy. I set the interest rate and interest is deposited once a month (you can choose by days, weeks, months, years). It's very nice and easy to deduct when they spend as well.

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It's been a while since I've set it up but here goes...


1. At the bottom you have the cog wheel, tapping on that gets you to the settings.

2. In settings, under Parental Controls, have the "Hide Add/Edit Buttons" switched to OFF. Tap on "Children" on the top left. That gets you back to the main screen.

3. There's a plus sign next to Children at the top, that will allow you to add child. Tap that blackboard (blue arrow) will allow you to edit the child's details.

4. Look down to the Banks. It already has a Piggy Bank. You can tap on that to edit the setup of that bank or add another bank by tapping on the plus sign.

5. Once you tap on the specific bank e.g. Piggy Bank (blue arrow), it takes you to the Bank Setup screen. There's where you can rename the bank...choose currency, put in the starting balance and below that it has an Interest section where you input the interest rate, interest interval and start date.


Hope that helps.

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