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easy science experiments


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I am looking for a book of science experiments to go along with our science. It doesn't have to be on a certain science topic. I am thinking of just doing one experiment a week and having my girls make a science notebook page about the experiment. I would like something that uses easy to find and not to pricey materials. I was wondering about the 365 simple science experiments, but any other suggestions would be great as well.



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Janice VanCleave is the obvious choice. Her books are cheap and easily found at the library. I also like The Everything Kids Science Experiments book.


I would suggest, however, watching Steve Spangler videos and doing those experiments. Check out his other youtube channels - The Spangler Effect and Spangler Science. His website is also a treasure trove of info. The Happy Scientist is also fun; there is a $20/year subscription.


Have fun!

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For grades 2-8, I've just come across these wonderful OOP books (available @ Amazon, used, inexpensively): ___ Science Activities Grades 2-8.

Life Science

Physical Science

Earth Science


I stumbled onto them via some aerospace ed. materials I have; they are apparently written with the strapped-for-time, strapped-for-cash, in-the-trenches teacher in mind and so far they translate pretty well to the home environment. As somebody with a science background I've found them very satisfying -- we've been using the Physical Science book -- even if the child doesn't do the activity "perfectly" a great deal is learned about how things work. They really are more activities than experiments -- more open-ended in feel than going for one specific outcome -- and I believe they have great educational value. In terms of science experience they trump what I have seen of the van Cleave books.


Button likes them, too. :)



ETA: Here's a terrific Generic Lab Template -- board member Hunter pointed out this excellent lab writeup form last year (here's the original thread)...

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