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Need help scheduling Tog yr1 waiting for package to arrive

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. . .I wanted to let you know that you're not alone!


I'm waiting for TOG Yr1 Redesign to arrive, too.


However, I already know that I'm going to be changing the schedule (a lot), so I'm not even going to try to make a schedule until I actually have it in hand.


I wonder how much longer it will take to get here. . . .


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Yes, I think you actually need to see it for yourself. At the high school level my son schedules his readings himself, although I encourage him to follow a pattern. We have government & philosophy discussion on day 3, literature discussion on day 4, and history & church history discussion on day 5.

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Make sure you join the Yahoo Group WTM_TOG board. There are many good suggestions on scheduling and other good ideas. I have realized that we can't answer TOG questions too specifically without violating copyright laws. It took me awhile to figure out why the answers to questions were so vague; now I understand. So people aren't being rude or evasive, just respectful of copyright infringement. You will maybe get more specific answers if you go to the TOG forum and post a question. I have found many answers just reading other posts without having to even ask a question. Also, you will understand more when you receive your own curriculum how to schedule because it is all laid out for you each week. It looks a little overwhelming at first but if you spend some time with your Loom disk first and the first quarter, it will become clearer. Certainly do all this before starting school and I know it is frustrating waiting for it to come. Be patient, you will learn much by reading the Forum on TOG for your level and year. Go to Karenciavo's blog and she has some wonderful ideas for making notebooks. On the WTM_TOG yahoo group there are files to download for schedules. There is someone there called Inthegarden who also has a great TOG blog. I followed ideas on both of these blogs and was able to get pretty organized.


I ordered my curriculum first, looked at it, then ordered the books. You may have to order some books sooner if your curriculum doesn't come soon. Do the power search for the first unit and level and you will get a copy of all the books for each subject. Order the core History, Literature, and Worldview (which is the Bible stuff). Schedule that first then decide if you need to buy/borrow the indepth history and literature. At least you will have the main subjects covered and then can add in the arts/activities, philosophy and government. The reason it is suggested that you wait until you receive your curriculum is because some of the required books are only used 1-3 weeks so you should be able to get them at the library. They may tell you on the TOG forum how many weeks a specific book is used and that may help you with your decision to buy.


Hope this helps.

Laurie in CA;)

dd(14) TOG and some other stuff

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Aren't the first 3 weeks available in the Go To Egypt download? I think that's how I scheduled my first few weeks while I was waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting - gotta love the Military Postal System) for my package.


Have fun!



You're right. Good idea! Everything is there for 3 weeks. That's what helped me decide plus all the posts here.


Laurie in CA

(dd 14) TOG and some other stuff

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TOG, year 1 is also my core curriculum for the coming school year. Having taught with TOG for the past three years I have really learned to relax regarding scheduling and teaching. Weekly lesson plans are already written for you. Yes, I tweak them, but only each week at a time. Often outside influences will alter my plans for a typical school week - TOG is so flexible!

While you are waiting for the TOG material to arrive you can review the Loom on Tapestry's web site, click on year one as review by subject the suggested books for the school year. Also, as a previous threads mentioned - terrific advice, by the way - you can read many previous threads on TOG's "Together" tab, written by fellow TOG parents. Often, a question I have is answered there. I have never needed to post. Very helpful site.

The only planning I do each summer is the fun part - order books from local public libraries or Internet book stores. I have noticed for Year One that several of the history core, church history, and literature titles are not available in my public library (I am referring to books in the rhetoric level, only) so I have borrowed from other home school friends and purchased several used titles from book stores. During the summer I try to read several of the literature books on my own to prepare. The summer reading book suggested for rhetoric stage is "A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver. I am reading this with my teens - excellent book! I found this title at my public library.

Once you receive your material, take a few minutes and glance through several weeks of teacher notes to famialiarize yourself with the material.

Scheduling - this is one TOG's strengths. My teens write down which books (we do not read them all) to read for the week on Monday mornings. In the past I have photo copied the suggested planning sheet from TOG. They use the planners (now they pick their own weekly planner from a store) to write down all their assignments, work schedules, and practices, church activities, etc. Written in their planners are days we will convene for history and literature discussions. They really like this ownership of a their calendars theme and finish their assignments independently. I am thrilled because I do not have to remind them when their school work is due and I do not have to plan weely lessons.

TOG is very flexible, tailored for your family's needs.


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Hi, Andrea--


Just thought I'd let you know that my boxes from TOG arrived late this afternoon/early evening. . . .but I'm too tired and am, therefore, afraid to open them tonight for fear I'll then become too immobilized to go to bed when I need to!


Since I'm on the other side of the country from TOG, yours should arrive soon (if it hasn't already, and assuming you're somewhere in the continental U.S.)!


If your order hasn't arrived yet, then, hope you don't have to wait much longer!

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